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Where's All the Kinect Sex?

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As Minyanville has already noted, pornography leads technology, not vice-versa. For all the groundbreaking innovations in our storied history, society has the adult industry to thank for shaping our modern gadgetry and present-day tech. Flash video, chat rooms, webcams, VHS, Blu-ray -- all products and services that were adopted early on by makers of the XXX.

So what's the holdup with motion-detecting porn for the Microsoft Kinect?

This week, CNet explored the current state of adult features being implemented into Microsoft's new peripheral. For now, there aren't any games or programs designed for titillation -- despite the product's propensity for being hacked. Writing for Slashdong -- a NSFW site -- Kyle Machulis takes a look as to why and discusses whether the interaction is feasible.

For Minyanville's purposes, I'll use CNet's cleaned-up version of the text.

"Microsoft put a ton of work into making the Kinect track the human body as a whole, so you can play games by jumping and running and generally acting the...fool and feel like you're in the game instead of just sad," Machulis wrote. "Genitalia, for the most part, are not a major geometric feature of the human body when taken in perspective of physical size....Neither are they normally used in the control of video games, be they rated [for all] or [for adults only]."

Machulis pointed out that Kinect was designed to recognize movement of major limbs and, ahem, smaller parts may not be detected for adequate, um, interaction. And the graphics won't likely hold much appeal except to a select (and strange) few.

"In short, porn is about sex, but for many customers, it's also about being able to see the sex in a way that doesn't make you think, 'Wait, why does her arm detach completely when her [breast] is in front of it,'" Machulis wrote. "The pattern the Kinect uses to get depth data is made for picking up full bodies to control video games, and therefore isn't quite so good at picking up minutiae about those bodies."

He does remain optimistic, however, that virtual sex based on motion detection will eventually be developed. But Kinect might not be the device to bring it to us. Should a competitor arise, we may just have another Betamax-VHS battle on our hands.

So to speak.
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