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When Did Cars Start Sucking So Bad?

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Reuters reports:

"Scantily clad models were once as much a part of motor shows as shiny sports cars and roaring engines, but as women buy more cars, and green credentials dominate, carmakers are slowly changing their ways.

"While some manufacturers of macho sportscars are still using sexy models to promote their cars, many carmakers are anxious to portray a more responsible, inclusive image that goes hand in hand with favoring low CO2 emissions over speed and power."

It's true. While Lamborghini is proudly sticking to the time-honored tradition of moving sheet metal with T&A at this year's Paris Auto Show...

...David Fitzpatrick, Account Director at automotive PR agency PFPR Communications, says, "The days of bikini-clad women on bonnets are long gone."

Carmakers are apparently afraid of alienating female buyers with "tactics many see as outdated."

However, many of today's cars don't have much sex appeal to begin with. Gone are Hemi-powered muscle cars and badass machines that people stop to stare at. What we have now are responsible, slow, anemic rides that simply get us from Point A to Point B.

The Chevy Volt.

The Ford Focus.

The Honda Jazz.

Cars that sorta...make you want to take the bus, instead.

Even Claude Guillaume, director of a company that supplies hostesses to car shows says things are changing.

"We are a long way from the hostess stuck in the role of standing like a pot plant next to the car," she said.

Hmm...I actually wasn't aware we were ever there in the first place.

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