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What You've Not Really Been Waiting for Is Finally Here! Glasses-Free 3D Television

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Finally, consumers have what they’ve not really been especially waiting for when it comes to home entertainment, but so what. We're talking 3D without the glasses! Finally.

Toshiba has announced the first glasses-free LCD 3D television, which will hit shelves in December in Japan. The Regza GL1 Series sets will come in 20-inch and 12-inch screen priced at $2,800 and $1,400, respectively.

Recently, 3D has enjoyed a reemergence across the entertainment spectrum. As the AP notes, it began with film as blockbusters like "Avatar" paved the way for the technology to become an integral part of the cinema experience.

TV soon followed, with sporting events like the World Cup featured in 3-D. Even the music world is taking notice: Justin Bieber and the Black Eyed Peas are planning to release 3-D movie-concerts... just because they can.

Of course, don’t forget the sultans of skin: the multibillion dollar adult entertainment industry is also now capitalizing on 3D’s resurgence and peddling three-dimensional flesh flicks.

As we previously reported, companies like Bad Girls in 3D have unveiled complete, in-home 3D systems, which allows fans to watch 3D porn streamed from the company’s website. The price tag: $3,999, which includes a 60-inch Mitsubishi 3D-ready HDTV, a computer, and two pairs of 3D glasses, but apparently nothing else that you'd expect would come with a $3,999 adult entertainment price tag.

Yeah, that seems like a lot of money to us too, especially at a a time when so many Americans are nervous about losing their jobs and homes. But producer Lance Johnson told us Great Recession be damned: there was immediate interest in the promise of his product.

“For as many people who thought it was expensive, I had just as many people asking why it was so cheap,” he said.
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