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What Would You Do for One Hour in a Japanese Domino's for $31K?

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I'm reminded of an episode of Saturday Night Live during its shaky '94-'95 season. One sketch entailed Michael McKean as Satan bartering with a group of folks who have plunged through a frozen lake. The deal was that he would get them out in exchange for five minutes in a wood shed, "Anything goes." The tag at the end -- which I believe was delivered by Janeane Garofalo -- stressed to the audience to never agree to five minutes in a wood shed with the Devil.

This is kind of what I had in mind when I read that a Japanese Domino's Pizza location will be giving $31,000 for an undisclosed hour of work.

Reuters reported that in commemoration of Domino's 25th year in Japan, one lucky contest winner will be given this job in December. Full details won't be announced until November 10, and anyone who wants to apply should visit the company's website and fill out an application.

A company spokesperson said, "Basically it's anybody over 18, no questions about education or experience." Adding, "We're actually a little surprised by how much of a response it's getting."

Yeah, it's a real mystery how a $64,480,000/year job -- even for an hour -- would garner more than a few applicants.

Even so, a mysterious job in Japan whose only requirement is that you're over 18? Any chance that this is going to be a good thing?

Before you answer, take a look at this:

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Harmless fun, you say? All right then, how about this:

Yeah. I'd save those applications for Japanese Pizza Hut locations.
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