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What Would Jesus Cut?

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By now we've come to equate Jesus followers with a certain brand of right-wing economic policy -- yes? So you could be forgiven if you came across this bright orange wrist band and assumed it belonged to another pro-Republican or Tea Party initiative:

Not this time. The WWJC bracelet is actually part of a new campaign by Sojourners, a progressive Christian organization based out of Washington, D.C. They're lobbying against proposed spending cuts called "selectively cruel" because they're said to target the poor in the U.S. and around the world.

Sojourners launched the arm band movement in early March, stating: "Congress is considering a budget plan that would make a 9 percent cut in discretionary spending while giving a 2 percent increase for military spending. This would be devastating for domestic programs that provide basic nutrition, health, and opportunity to poor children and international aid programs that save lives every day."

Yesterday some members of the group stepped up their political action by launching a fast. Already some 5,000 people have signed up in solidarity, making the following pledge:

Reflect on scripture, commit to praying for Congress, and humbly search my own heart for areas of repentance.

In a way meaningful to me, I will discipline myself through a fast during the month-long campaign.

Take Action
Every week I will take one action to communicate my concern about the moral priorities being reflected in the federal budget proposals.

*Sojourners will provide a weekly email with ideas and suggestions to Pray, Fast, and Take Action*

By joining this month-long campaign to Pray, Fast, and Take Action, I hereby commit to:

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So that's one option for the spiritually inclined who'd rather put their faith in nonviolent protest instead of  a fish-and-loaves based stimulus package . The question of whether it will work is now in the hands of you-know-who.

BONUS: Here's Sojourner's Jim Wallis on The Daily Show a year ago, talking to Jon Stewart about the housing crisis and the morality of Wall Street.

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