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What Would A Trillion Dollars (Stacked Next To a Person) Look Like?

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Yesterday Minyanville's Justin Rohrlich posted an item called "What Happens When the National Debt Hits Vigintillion?" on the Daily Feed. By coincidence, Harvard Economics professor Greg Mankiw added a post to his blog that he called "a fun way to visualize numbers."

(See also: CBO Projects U.S. Deficit To Grow By A Massive $1.5 Trillion This Year).

The page Mankiw links to looks like one of those "crazy but true" email letters your mother might forward, but if Mankiw is endorsing it, we want to believe it.

In this case the page starts with an image of $100 bill, then asks you to scroll down to see what $10,000 would look like (in a stack of $100 bills), hits on $100 million, and progresses until reaching $1 trillion.

Here $100 million:

And here's $1 trillion, in $100 notes:

The man who had been towering over the $100 million stack is now way down in the bottom left corner. See him?

Click here for the full illustration. Click here for the Treasury's "Debt to the Penny And Who Holds It" chart.
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