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What Does Your Email Address Say About You?

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The survey lends itself to a Jeff Foxworthy act.

"If you think TCP/IP is a place that serves frozen yogurt, then you might be an AOL user."

"If you'd sooner use a CD in street art than listen to it, then you might be a Gmail user."

"If your version of an exotic vacation is a trip to Benihana, then you might be a Yahoo user."

Like every other loosely defined group, a person's choice in an email service can easily become a stereotype. Especially in terms of computer expertise. Take Oatmeal's infographic as an example: A Gmail user would be more likely to correctly diagnose a Wi-Fi issue than, say, an AOL user -- who might print out an email rather than forward it.

But similar to our operating system or smartphone, one's email address is widely regarded as a summation of their personality. So it stands to reason that a Hotmail user would, by and large, be different from a Gmail user. And having surveyed a whopping 450,000 email users, Hunch Blog set to find out these specific differences.

Addressing everything from political beliefs to history of international travel to iPhone ownership, the site covered a vast array of traits both personal and professional. And the results roughly fall in line with our cruel online prejudices. Yahoo and AOL users are likelier to be overweight women and Gmail users are prone to be snarky hipsters.

Along with a eye-catching interactive version of the report, Hunch Blog offers us a snapshot of their findings:

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