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Website Finds Tech Repair Service Even Worse Than Geek Squad

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Vickram Bedi of Mt. Kisco, NY, recognized a sucker when one presented himself.

When musician Roger Davidson, the great-grandson and the great-grandnephew of the two brothers who founded oilfield services company Schlumberger Ltd. walked into Bedi's computer repair shop with a virus on his hard drive, Bedi took the opportunity to fleece him to the tune of $6 million over the course of six years.


As The Consumerist's Ben Popken explains, Davidson was told that "there was a hard drive in a Honduran village trying to infect his hard drive, and that was part of a scheme by Polish priests connected to Opus Dei to infiltrate the US Government. The money [being paid to] the repair place was not just for data recovery, but protection from these dark forces."

As Davidson's website is still live--and it seems that he is still alive--Bedi's work must have been effective.

In case you're wondering, Bedi's shop--Datalink Computer Products--has a fitting phone number:

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