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WATCH: This is North Korean Fast Food

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North Korea, the Hermit Kingdom. No McDonald's, no Burger King, no, well, no anything Western, actually. In this video (commercial? propaganda film? is there a difference?) from the DPRK, you'll see that their fast-food places are nothing at all like ours, insomuch as the employees actually pretend to be enjoy their jobs. Oh, and people likely aren't being mugged in the bathrooms with any regularity. Or getting drunk and crawling up into the ceiling (to be fair, that was Canada...). Maybe they've had live chickens wander in, though. It is North Korea, after all.

Seeing as how the "let's all eat giant rabbits the size of large dogs for dinner as a solution to famine" famine solution didn't work out so well, Kim Jong Il and his merry band of fellows seem to have really put their best foot forward with this one.
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