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WATCH: The Today Show, Circa 1994: "What Is the Internet?"

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Ah, 1994. Were we ever so young?

Clinton was president, grunge was about to make a dramatic exit, and an economic boom was imminent -- largely due to this peculiar new trend called "the Internet." And while these hip kids with their book reports and Simpsons message boards may have heard of it, what about old fogies like Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel of the Today Show?

As seen in the clip above, Gumbel -- clearly encountering his first email address -- remarked that the address sounded "stupid." After forgoing the "dot" in "dot-com," he incredulously asked, "What is Internet, anyway?"

Apparently, as Couric acknowledges, it's "becoming really big now."

Gumbel is flabbergasted. "What do you mean 'big?'" Amidst his stammering, he asks, "What, do you write to it, like mail?!"

Couric gives a respectable, if not assured, response for that era. But all three defer to a producer who sounds as if he picked up a newspaper in the previous year or so.

In their defense, typical Today Show guests like Jodeci, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, or Alf hadn't yet discussed the global phenomenon in person. Far more disconcerting, not one of them was absolutely certain that the @ symbol stood for "at."

Well, seventeen years later, can't say much has changed over at the Today Show.
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