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Want to Get More Work Done? Take a Nap

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These days, when there are literally thousands of people waiting in line for your job, it’s not uncommon for the employed to feel a certain sense of panic-induced workalohicism to stave off a pink slip.

But let’s face it, all that hard can make you so sleepy! Fear not, corporate America’s got your back.

Business Week reports that more companies are letting their employees nap on the job:

“With Americans averaging fewer than seven hours of sleep per night—and around 20 percent suffering from sleepiness during the day, according to a recent Stanford University study—many companies have turned to the humble nap in an attempt to stave off billions in lost productivity each year.”

Google (GOOG) and Nike (NKE) already offer sleep rooms for their workers. Other companies, like Time Warner (TWX), have deals with napping spas where employees can rent napping pods.

But before you slink off to enjoy a post-lunch nap, Business Week offers a few tips for successful napping. Here’s my favorite:

3. Careful With the Chemicals

Avoid caffeine for a few hours before a nap. The same goes for nicotine, diet pills, and antidepressants. Although alcohol makes it easier to nod off during the day, it interferes with sleep and should also be avoided.

In other words, if it’s a sense of well being you’re after, enjoy that nap!

But only after you’ve purged your body of all the escapist chemicals you’ve been using to mask the sad, grim reality that you’re a nervous, overweight, depressed individual whose only respite from a cruel, alienating world is skipping that salad and instead going with a liquid lunch down at the Blarney Stone.
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