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WalMart Racked By Survivor Guilt

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Hey, apparently WalMart (WMT) has feelings, too! The world’s largest retailer may be trying to compensate for the guilt the company must feel for putting mom & pop shops around the country out of business while it has flourished. WalMart announced that its Sam’s Club wholesale chain will be offering small business loans up to $25,000 to members. The company will focus on small businesses
run by women, minorities, and veterans.

Maybe the company’s survivor guilt is more extensive than it appears? Heh. Don’t worry, there's an underlying profit motive guiding the decision – the loan ploy is meant to attract business to the ailing Sam’s Clubs. Earlier this year, WalMart cut 11,200 jobs from the chain when it started outsourcing those little carts that serve cheese inside the store, which were and still are totally surreal (because nothing goes better with 10 pallets of paper towels and a new set of tires than a sliver of brie), but whatever.  Sam's Clubs also had to close 10 stores that were underperforming, costing another 1,500 jobs.

But look, we're not judging. WalMart, they're Ordinary People, just like us!
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