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Walmart Now Playing Directly Into 'People of Walmart' Web Site's Hands

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Apparently no longer discouraging the People of Walmart web site operators (and book sellers) from publishing people of Walmart photos, Walmart is now playing right into their hands by encouraging customers who recently purchased a Marketside Grab and Go deli sandwich to return it for a full refund.  (If you wolfed it already, don’t even think about it; just hunt down the receipt, which you know you don’t have.) A line of people at Walmart returning deli sandwiches. That should look good!

Here's the kicker: The company’s not refunding customers’ money because deli sandwiches at Walmart are an abomination, or because buying one displays a clear lapse in consumer judgment, but because it recently learned of a voluntary recall conducted by its supplier, Zemco Industries, Inc., a division of Tyson Foods (TSN), of 380,000 pounds of deli meat that may be contaminated with listeria monocytogenes -- a bacteria that can cause food poisoning, according to the US Agriculture Department.

Important to note: The recall doesn’t involve individual packages of meat but does include many “sandwiches [with] expiry dates ranging from August 20 to September 10, the USDA said.” (A complete list of recalled products can be found here.)

The deli-meat recall -- and subsequent pulling of sandwiches from Walmart stores -- comes on the back of a broadening nationwide recall of eggs that were possibly tainted with salmonella that led Walmart to pull cartons of eggs from its shelves.

But one blog commenter scoffs at these minor setbacks, clearly able to see the big picture:  “…Maybe this will solve the obesity problem…We’ll have nothing safe to eat.”


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