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VIDEO: Verizon iPhone Still Suffers from "Death Grip"

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Right now, as we speak, early adopters of the Verizon iPhone are holding it wrong. The infamous "Death Grip" that plagued the iPhone 4 and its "revolutionary" antenna design is back. Seven months and a brand new model later, Apple hasn't fixed it.

Apple didn't have the smoothest release for the iPhone 4 on AT&T last year, but among the hiccups the company endured, the one that lasted was the product of the external antenna's faulty construction. As you recall, the signal dropped significantly if held a certain way on bare skin. Users flooded message boards and Steve Jobs' inbox with complaints, and Apple was forced to play damage control. Cupertino's response was deemed pretty defensive -- rather than apologize for the mistake, Jobs and Co. deflected the accusations onto other brands like BlackBerry and Android. In the end, rubber bumper cases were issued to solve the issue.

Well, they better have more in stock.

Reports are coming in from new Verizon iPhone owners of the same "Death Grip" problems. According to iLounge, both 3G and Wi-Fi reception are at risk with specific hand positions. The site posted photos of the defect in action.

Before the Death Grip:

After the Death Grip:

In the tests, a 1.1Mbps download speed drops to 0.1Mbps, and uploads are cut out completely. iLounge's Charles Starrett writes:

"It should be noted that although early Apple-sanctioned reviews of the Verizon iPhone 4 claimed that the antenna problems had been fixed in the CDMA model, the same reviewers failed to notice the antenna problems in their original coverage of the GSM model. iLounge's testing so far has found that the Verizon iPhone 4's issues appear in the same geographic location as the AT&T iPhone 4's, indoors with an average of three bars of signal strength."

And to show this isn't an isolated case, this YouTube clip shows video of the signal drop occurring. Just group it with the others, I guess.

Hopefully while he's on the DL, Steve's well enough to address user complaints with an adequate amount of defensiveness and snark.

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