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VIDEO: Mobile Device Almost Kills 10-Year-Old

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Looks like we may owe Microsoft an apology.

After launching a severely misguided campaign for its Windows Phone 7 devices -- urging consumers to avoid smartphones that you would love too much -- it would now appear that while the message might not be good marketing, it's damn good advice.

In Italy this week, a 10-year-old boy fell onto the train tracks at a Milan station. The reason: He was way into his PSP. Fortunately, an off-duty police officer swooped in with enough time to scoop up the boy and return him to the platform.

Without context, it would seem like an ordinary case of a video game-addled mind not paying attention to his surroundings. That is, until you remember a grown woman fell into a shopping mall's fountain while sending a text and not watching where she was walking.

All you're doing is giving more credence to New York State Senator Karl Kruger's intrusive ban on iPods and mobile phones for pedestrians crossing the street.

Stop ruining it for the rest of us!!!
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