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Verizon iPhone Leaked by Mistake?

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Verizon might want to hire a different graphic design team. At least one that's actually fluent in the carrier's device line.

On its official site, Verizon rolled out a new holiday-themed splash page that prominently features the Motorola Droid X. Of the device's many selling points, Verizon focuses on its voice commands and audio directions, courtesy of Google Maps. Naturally, the company wished to show the Droid X running the Google Maps app to better illustrate its function.

It got this instead:

As you can see, that's a screenshot of Apple's iOS running its own map app. While we're all waiting with bated breath for an actual Verizon iPhone, this isn't it just yet.

Since the photo was posted, numerous tech blogs captured the embarrassing gaffe. Which is fortunate, because the photo has since been fixed.

Still, that's plenty of egg on the faces of Verizon's graphics department.
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