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Vanilla Ice Making Buck by Flipping Houses

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Occasionally, a star shines so bright, the public is blinded by his talent. A wordsmith so adept, a hitmaker so tuned, a dancer so precise, his persona is a symphony of gifts that to absorb one is to ignore hundreds of others.

Of course, I'm speaking of Canadian reggae musician Snow. But his brief, fleeting career is entirely owed to Robert Van Winkle -- otherwise known as Vanilla Ice. Although he continues to tour, Vanilla Ice dropped out of the spotlight when Surreal Life producers stopped returning phone calls. And while riding on Hammer's coattails will always be his number one love, he's making more cash in the 21st century by flipping houses.

According to the New York Daily News, Vanilla Ice is a seasoned home remodeler and will be making a comeback with a new show called The Vanilla Ice Project on the DIY Network.

"I've been flipping homes for about 10 years," he told the Daily News. "I enjoy it. I like to sit back and cross my arms and think, 'Look at what I've accomplished.' "

I had the same feeling in 1990 when I shaved lines in my hair.

He apparently inked the deal after a producer caught wind of his remodeling work during a biography profile on the singer. And as cable television is where D-list celebrities get their second chances by losing weight, fighting addiction, or dating skanks, Vanilla Ice's spark hadn't been completely snuffed.

With his show premiering this week, Vanilla Ice dropped some science on the happier, more stable life he leads now.

"I'm on top of the world right now," he said. "Yesterday's history, tomorrow's a mystery. I am who I am because of who I was. I basically just take it day by day. I'm enjoying myself. I have a little more wisdom now. More stability. I'm enjoying the ride right now."

To that, all we can say is: Go, white boy. Go.
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