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Used Truck Dealership Offers Greatest Two-for-One Deal Ever: Buy a Truck, Get an AK-47

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The unemployment rate refuses to budge from 9.6%. President Obama failed to get the Chinese cooperation on monetary policy that could have boosted U.S. exports at the G20. Bristol Palin made it to the semifinals on “Dancing with the Stars.” It’s dark days like these when the shining city on a hill that is America seems to lose some of its glow, and we wonder if this country’s greatness is approaching a fizzling end.

Until, that is, a deal like this comes along to burnish America’s star. The greatest two-for-one scheme ever conceived: Buy a used truck, get an AK-47.

This bit of American-style innovation comes from the patriots at Nations Trucks of Sanford, Florida, and the promotion runs from Veterans Day through the end of November. Nick Ginetta, general sales manager, says sales have more than doubled since it was announced.

Unfortunately, the automatic rifle doesn’t come in the truck bed — our nation isn’t quite that free. Instead, buyers get a $400 voucher that can be used toward a Kalashnikov or any other weapon following a background check at one of Florida’s many gun shops.

Customers can also request a check instead of a gun voucher, but Nations Trucks doesn’t expect many to take that road, Ginetta told a local CBS affiliate: "Our clientele is not gonna complain about a gun."
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