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Use Your iPhone or Droid to Locate Free Condoms in NYC

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Smartphones. Sure, they'll help you strike up a conversation with a potential mate, but once things get hot and heavy, where are they?

Dull, silent, and utterly impotent.

Well, the New York City Health Department has devised a way that your smartphone will assist you in making any late night encounter a safe and pleasurable one. Available for both iPhone and Android, the NYC Condom Finder app will locate the nearest free condom dispensary -- because, God knows, you're never going to use one unless they're free.

Using Valentine's Day as a jumping off point, Monica Sweeney -- the Health Department's assistant commissioner for its Bureau of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control -- said, "You all call it Valentine's Day, we all call it National Condom Awareness Day." She added, "When the mind turns towards the heart, as in Valentine's Day, it often ends up turning towards sex. Then you need our product."

Like your average location-based app, NYC Condom Finder uses GPS to locate the nearest condom distribution venues and provides the user with simple directions. Simple enough, hopefully, to pierce a booze-filled cloud.

Sweeney hopes this will upgrade the city's existing condom distribution program to the digital age. Already, free prophylactics are available in 3,000 locations -- including restaurants, clubs, and other social gathering spots. She elaborated, "What we're doing is working to make New York City the safest city in the world to have sex."

And if the app also cross-referenced the nearest bars with a happy hour, it'll also be the most convenient.
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