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US Postal Service Union Vote Delayed Because Ballots Lost In the Mail

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Federal News Radio reports:

"Members of the American Postal Workers Union, for obvious reason, elect their national officers via mail ballot. Most postal clerks, who sort the mail, belong to the union. Their union brothers with the National Association of Letter Carriers deliver the mail. And their track record, considering the massive daily mail volume, is very good."

However, there seems to be a slight kink in the hose at the moment.

The counting of the ballots, mailed out well in advance, was to be completed this week. Now, the election committee has been forced to push back the voting deadline to October 14th. Why? It seems that a large percentage of the APWU's members didn't receive their ballots.

It's almost painful to type this, but, as luck would have it...the missing ballots were apparently lost in the mail.

This is not a joke. I mean, it is a joke. But it's true. Here--click on this link and see for yourself.

Anyone who did not receive a ballot has until 5pm today to request a duplicate by phone. Or...

By e-mail.
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