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Urban Outfitters Punks Us With New Logo

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It's worse than Kraft. It's worse than Animal Planet. It's worse than Pepsi. And yes, it's worse than Gap.

It's Urban Outfitters' newly redesigned logo.

The clothing retailer unveiled the abomination on its official site, confusing visitors into thinking the browser only half logged onto the site and the other half was still stuck on another page.

I'm no graphic designer, but let's go through what I think is wrong with the new logo:
  • The tangerine color looks washed out against the gradient gray.
  • The lack of symmetry between the two words is a terrible choice, even for a rookie designer.
  • Why two different fonts?
  • Why obscure part of the word?
  • Why the curve?!?
  • It's as if part of the design team was testing the basic functions of Photoshop, learning how to use the program. Someone stumbled upon the test -- presumably within the dozens of icons on the user's desktop -- and figured it was approved. And somehow, the CEO signed off on it.
But there seems to be a different story behind it.

Graphic design site and brilliant marketing tactic will design a God awful logo for the low, low price of five dollars. The novelty of getting a terrible business card-sized logo for five dollars is far too great and the site has become a cult hit. And following the media frenzy Gap produced with its ugly logo redesign, someone at Urban Outfitters appears to have enlisted Horrible Logos to gain a bit of publicity and web traffic.

The only question is: Is this ironic, post-ironic, or meta-post-ironic?

At any rate, the t-shirt likely sells for $47.
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