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Unlimited Internet Plans Will Soon Disappear

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Say goodbye to all-you-can-download internet usage at one low price...if you live in Canada.

Last week a Canadian federal regulator effectively killed unlimited plans for internet customers in that country by making it possible for Bell and other telecoms to introduce metered billing. The change triggered widespread outrage among consumers. See Ottawa yesterday evening:

Yes, it looks a lot like Egypt.

Okay, it is Egypt. 

But the Globe and Mail reports that the new regulation has prompted a backlash from citizens and small business owners. Speaking to a reporter, Canada's Industry Minister "acknowledged the strong reaction," saying, "I am hearing from a lot of people who feel this will damage our economy...I have to be fair on these things – but I am hearing from people that they are worried this will stifle innovation because the cost of using Internet services will be prohibitively high.”

The ruling -- which appears to be in flux now that so many Canadians have had a "strong reaction" -- is not welcome by Netflix, for one. The online movie company just launched in Canada last year. A spokesperson for the firm said that charging as much as $2.50 for each extra gigabyte of data "makes no sense when the cost to transport that gigabyte, for telecom companies, is often less than a penny."

Let's hope that Canadian customers will push back hard enough to deter any Internet companies who might be watching from south of the border and looking to introduce metered, or user-based billing (UBB), here. Already Canadians are signing an online petition called Stop the Meter. But let's face it: Canadians are notoriously complacent about a lot of issues, at least by U.S. standards, with one exception:

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