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Uncovered: Job Description for New Blockbuster CEO

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Blockbuster, the embattled video rental company, has launched a search for a new CEO to replace outgoing executive Jim Keyes.

The company hired Korn/Ferry, an executive-search firm, to lead the hunt once it emerges from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Saddled with more than $900 million in debt, Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy on September 23rd. To turn things around, the company will try to “remake itself as consumers shift how they view movies and television shows,” writes the Journal.

Now, in recent years, Blockbuster has consistently proven to be “one-step ahead of the game” when it comes to understanding the digital market. And if it wants to stay there, this new CEO will have to pretty savvy. And by the looks of things, there’s nothing to fear.

Minyanville was able to obtain a copy of the job posting, found under the Marketing section of


Position: Chief Executive Officer
Company: Blockbuster
Experience: 3-5ish years, management kind of stuff
Compensation: Commensurate with our balance sheet

Blockbuster—the world’s leading purveyor of video rental services and Sour Patch Kids and Whoppers candies—is seeking a Chief Executive Officer to lead the company into the 20th century.

Required skills:

• Must have at least 2 years experience managing a leading media company like Prodigy, Tower Records, or Circuit City.

• An intimate knowledge of cutting edge technologies, including, but not limited to, the difference between VCR/DVD, how to mail things, and the World Wide Web.

• A can do attitude!

• Also of use: intimate knowledge of bankruptcy law, best practices of liquidation, and the ability to whip a smile out of your pocket even if a team of lawyers and analysts and other brainiac types are giving you bad news about the state of blah blah blah

Best of luck!
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