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UK Wants More Women in Boardrooms

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I mean, let’s get serious for a moment. There’s a reason they’re called boardrooms and not broadrooms, right? Am I right? Gerry? Alfred? Hello? Anybody? Pass the brandy, Walter, my mouth is dry with pistachios. Walter? Bullocks.

Ah, yes, the old boys club in the UK. The very epicenter of pipe tobacco and forehead wrinkles. A glorious institution, indeed, but one that’s days are numbered.

A new study conducted by the illustrious Lord Davies of Abersoch reports that FTSE 100 boards are aiming to increase the number of women sitting on their boards to as much as…and I hope you’re sitting down…25%! Currently, only 12.5% of FTSE 100 companies are made up of women.

Lord Abersoch -- who, presumably, when not busied with peasant affairs and overseeing the dredging of the castle moat -- was a former trade minister and banker. His report, entitled “Women on Boards,” said that chairmen must report on their goals by next September.

While the Lord’s report did not impose a quota on boards, it did leave “the door open for strict quotas should boards not act voluntarily,” CFO World reports.

Financial Reporting Council Chairman Baroness Hogg -- who, presumably, when not feigning disgust at local jousts while secretly conducting rendezvous with both the court jester and the dashing Sir Gallaway -- seemed to favor Abersoch’s report.

“The FRC believes that diversity at the board table can help to make boards more effective, for example by reducing the risk of ‘group think,' " she said.

Even so, “progress remains slow,” the Baroness added, “and so we will consult on whether to make further changes to the Code to encourage companies to report on their policies and ambitions in this respect.”

How will this all pan out? Who knows. But it will almost surely involve a certain Countess disguising herself as a Barrister (with the help of a Nurse) who will infiltrate the boardroom of a certain Duke whose father is very temperamental. And it will all be very hush-hush and quite hilarious.
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