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UK Schools Hold UFO Crash Drills

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In this day and age, kids are generally aware that the "duck and cover" method just doesn't cut it. In catastrophic scenarios, a rickety school desk will not provide adequate protection from intense radiation or several metric tons of rubble falling overhead. Even as their parents rush to Home Depot to stock up on plastic sheeting and duct tape, youngsters one-fourth their age see through the placating nonsense and seek out actual solutions.

Either that, or they just live in fear like the rest of us.

But between terrorist attacks, tsunamis, and perilous fault lines, school drills have a lot of bases to cover. And at the risk of devoting another day of learning to hypothetical scenarios, UK schools simply can't ignore the warning signs from Hollywood. The aliens are coming and we must prepare for their arrival.

According to Dateline Zero -- which isn't an x-treme version of NBC's news series -- UK schools are staging UFO crashes and teaching the students "how to react, as well as to 'properly' investigate and report on the incident." One such drill which took place this September depicted a full UFO crash scenario with wreckage, police tape, and actual officers.

The drills -- which began in 2008 -- treat every UFO crash with by-the-book procedures because, as we're all aware, interstellar travel is the easy part. Maneuvering through Earth's gravitational pull is something no alien has ever done.

Ultimately, the drills aim to spark children's imaginations and develop their problem solving skills. One police constable spoke of the staged crashes he was a part of. "The older pupils were asking questions about the crash site, like whether it was safe, but the younger children were convinced they'd seen the crash happen. Their imaginations were brilliant."

Oh, so they're a lot like terrorist drills.
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