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Turmoil in the Rankings

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The recession has presented brand stewards with the most severe test of their careers. "This is a Darwinian recession. Only the strongest will survive," says Jez Frampton, CEO of consultancy Interbrand, which computed the value of each brand in our ninth annual ranking of the Best Global Brands. Companies have had to adjust rapidly as consumers reexamine their purchases and rethink brand loyalties. Marketing executives are balancing the temptation to chase short-term gains with discounts and promotions against the risk of cheapening their brands over the long haul. Meanwhile, most have considerably smaller budgets with which to reach their customers. Some brands have prospered amid the hard times—or at least held their own. You can read about five of them—Amazon (AMZN), Pepsi, Audi (VLKAY), Panasonic (PC), and Campbell's (CPB)—starting on page 51.
SOURCE:   BusinessWeek