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TSA Joker Makes Flying Even More Unbearable

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Airports are conducive to stress, anger, and stressful anger. If it's not the long waits, it's the ornery ticket agent. If it's not the cumbersome shoe removal, it's the mad dash for the gate. And if it's not the oversensitive metal detector, it's the TSA agent planting fake drugs in your luggage.

The Smoking Gun recently posted a report which chronicles the exploits of Philadelphia International Airport's own Robin Williams. Rather than testing expensive new screening gear, the employee -- a bomb appraisal officer -- continually harassed passengers in the screening area with baggies and vials of creatine -- white powder which resembles cocaine. According to The Smoking Gun, this is how the scenario generally went:

As one passenger gathered their belongings (which had just emerged from an X-ray machine), the TSA worker displayed a "small vial of white powder" and asked, "Did this come out of your bag?" When the passenger replied, "No," the officer asked, "Are you sure?" The traveler, according to a TSA memo, said, "Yea, I'm pretty sure," and began to laugh. "Okay, just wanted to make sure. Have a nice flight," the officer replied.

Naturally, complaints were filed and the worker was fired. Now he's free to pursue a fruitful career as a very specific type of prop comic.
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