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Top 10 US Cities With the Worst Dental Hygiene

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Via Men's Health:

# 91) Dallas, TX

Water Fluoridation: 47th
Dentist Visits: 95th
Floss Use: 41st
Oral Hygiene Products: 65th
Dentists Per Capita: 66th

Grade: D-

#92) Kansas City, MO

Water Fluoridation: 37th
Dentist Visits: 91st
Floss Use: 47th
Oral Hygiene Products: 56th
Dentists Per Capita: 74th

Grade: D-

#93) Milwaukee, WI

Water Fluoridation: 24th
Dentist Visits: 69th
Floss Use: 86th
Oral Hygiene Products: 82nd
Dentists Per Capita: 97th

Grade: D-

#94) Jersey City, NJ

Water Fluoridation: 99th
Dentist Visits: 80th
Floss Use: 49th
Oral Hygiene Products: 79th
Dentists Per Capita: 86th

Grade: F

#95) Jackson, MS

Water Fluoridation: 85th
Dentist Visits: 93rd
Floss Use: 70th
Oral Hygiene Products: 96th
Dentists Per Capita: 41st

Grade: F

#96) New Orleans, LA

Water Fluoridation: 96th
Dentist Visits: 94th
Floss Use: 57th
Oral Hygiene Products: 92nd
Dentists Per Capita: 83rd

Grade: F

#97) Baltimore, MD

Water Fluoridation: 2nd
Dentist Visits: 88th
Floss Use: 90th
Oral Hygiene Products: 99th
Dentists Per Capita: 96th

Grade: F

#98) Newark, NJ

Water Fluoridation: 99th
Dentist Visits: 71st
Floss Use: 83rd
Oral Hygiene Products: 98th
Dentists Per Capita: 99th

Grade: F

#99) Philadelphia, PA

Water Fluoridation: 88th
Dentist Visits: 83rd
Floss Use: 84th
Oral Hygiene Products: 85th
Dentists Per Capita: 90th

Grade: F

And, drumroll please...

#100) St. Louis, MO

Water Fluoridation: 37th
Dentist Visits: 100th
Floss Use: 100th
Oral Hygiene Products: 94th
Dentists Per Capita: 92nd

Grade: F

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