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'Tis the Season To Be Tipping

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Didn’t break the bank yet this holiday on gifts for your spouse, kids, parents, nieces, nephews, siblings, grandparents, friends and coworkers? Great! Because that Christmas list is about to grow exponentially. Turn it over, use tiny print, use the margins if you have to. Virtually every person you’ve encountered over the past year who has performed some sort of service for you -- from your babysitter to your barber -- is waiting for their due recompense... in the form of a holiday tip. So get dashing to that ATM.

If you thought you could just intuit how much to give, you may end up with a face to rival Rudolph’s nose. That’s why we should thank the reason for the season for and its comprehensive Holiday Tipping Guidelines for 2010 to give us all a much needed lesson in gift-giving etiquette.

What to spend and on whom?

Babysitter: The cash equivalent or gift card of one to two nights' pay.

Full Time Nanny:
The cash equivalent or gift of one week to one month’s pay (tenure dependent). If you go with a gift, it should be a “special indulgence,” like a designer handbag.

Day Care Staff:
$25-$70 in cash or gift cards for each staff member plus a small, personalized holiday token from your child.

Coach, Activity Instructor: Less than $25 on an activity-themed gift from your child like a “book or a drawing of the entire team.”

Teacher: $25-$100 on a “unique house plant” or pool all the parents’ money for group gift like a cooking class or a Kindle.

USPS Mail Carrier:
Up to $20 on a gift card to a coffee shop on their route.

Assistant: $50 or more (tenure dependent) on a fine dining gift certificate, event tickets, or a home accessory.

Apartment Doorman: $10-$100 each.

Building Superintendent:
$10-$100 each.

Country Club Staff: $50 for your regular servers, locker-room personnel, front-desk employees, and golf professionals; $100 for head servers or special service.

Dog Walker: One to two weeks' pay.

Garbage Collector:

Gardener: $20-$50.

Cost of one haircut/session.

Housekeeper: Up to one week's pay.

Newspaper Carrier: $10-$30.

Package Delivery (UPS/FedEx):
Less than $75.

Personal Trainer: $60-$100 upon reaching goal, or cost of one session. (for the advice):
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