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Thief Burglarizes Radio Shack, Miraculously Finds Something Worth Stealing

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York, Pennsylvania. Saturday, 3am. Someone who evidently really, really needed an AV splitter jack and a radio-control 4x4 used a hammer to break into a local Radio Shack through the front window.

The York Daily Record reports that "various electronic items valued at $5,000 were removed from the store" and police are investigating.

Okay, come on now -- this guy obviously didn't mean to do it. No one burglarizes a Radio Shack. Whoever did this must be so desperate, so close to absolute bottom, he deserves our sympathy, not prosecution (and I know it's a he, because women don't go to Radio Shack -- even during business hours).

Who in their right mind risks their freedom for a carful of D-cell batteries, micro-cassette recorders, and Monster cables?
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