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The Real Reason Why Teachers Deserve Six-Figure Salaries

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A new study out of the National Bureau of Economic Research makes the case for why good teachers are so important. From its abstract:

A teacher one standard deviation above the mean effectiveness annually generates marginal gains of over $400,000 in present value of student future earnings with a class size of 20 and proportionately higher with larger class sizes. Alternatively, replacing the bottom 5-8 percent of teachers with average teachers could move the U.S. near the top of international math and science rankings with a present value of $100 trillion.

Harvard Economist Raj Chetty even suggested that for all the wealth they help to create, great kindergarten teachers should get paid $320,000.

His study argued that students who had good kindergarten teachers were more likely to go to college, less likely to become single parents, more likely to save for retirement, and earned more over their lives than kids with poor teachers.

Of course, $320,000 is sort of a lot of money. Then again, the challenges facing kindergarten teachers have never been more difficult.

Behold! America, this is our future.

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