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The Real Bill Gates?

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It's been 15 years since Bill Gates published The Road Ahead, a book packed with the Microsoft founder's predictions about the future," The Atlantic observes. So, how did he do?

"Prediction: Gates wrote, "Electronic mail and shared screens will eliminate the need for many meetings...when face-to-face meetings do take place, they will be more efficient because participants will have already exchanged background information by e-mail ... information overload is not unique to the (information) highway, and it needn't be a problem."

Verdict: Miss. Gates's view of e-mail now seems naively Utopian, failing to account for unintended consequences. If anything, e-mail has made workplace meetings more frequent and less efficient. "Didn't you get that e-mail?" is probably the single most common question posed at meetings, a query that often leads to...another meeting. By some estimates, nearly 40 percent of workers spend at least two hours of the work day sifting through e-mail, leading some companies to adopt policies aimed at reducing e-mail glut. One frequent solution: more face-to-face meetings."

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SOURCE:   The Atlantic