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The NYT Needs to Learn the Value of the Link

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Matthew Ingram weighs in on the ongoing discussion about the latest plagiarism scandal at the New York Times and he takes the Grey Lady to task for failing to link in its stories online. "Linking isn’t just a matter of etiquette or geek culture (although it is both of those things); it’s a fundamental aspect of writing for the web. In fact, the ability to link is arguably the most important feature of the web as a communications or information-delivery mechanism. Before the web came along, journalism and other forms of media were like islands unto themselves, each trying to pretend that it existed alone, without any connection to what came before it. Links are like bridges and roads, allowing these islands to connect to each other, and making it easier for readers to draw connections."

(there are two links in this post, in case you're counting)
SOURCE:   GigaOm