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The Fantasically Wealthy Are...Not Just Like Us

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"Wouldn‘t it be wonderful if we all could have a “practice” house on which to hone our personal style and preferences, decorate to our heart’s content, and then hand off to the next occupant before moving on to the real thing, a manse not marred by missteps?" reads the opening paragraph of an article in Westchester Magazine about a couple from Rye, NY named Bruce and Amy Paul.

Um, yeah--that would be wonderful.

"In moving to their 11,000-square-foot home in Rye, Amy and Bruce Paul had as close to that opportunity as it comes," the article continues, before describing Ms. Paul's favorite part of the house:

"A pair of stately columns delineates the living room and family room, where luminous yellows on the walls—a toile pattern by Antonia Vella as well as Seabrook wallcoverings—and covering the couch are given splashes of color with fabrics in shades of lemon, green, and persimmon used in the elaborate window treatments, throw pillows, and side chairs. Crystal chandeliers with dangling colored crystals, imported from Murano by Castilian Imports, look as if they were custom-coordinated with paintings by Isaac Maimon and Charles Levier. And, furthering the spring-garden look, the coffered ceiling is painted a green apple shade with cream-colored woodwork as an accent. 'This room just makes me smile,' Amy says. 'I love the colors and the crystal chandeliers.'"

What Amy Paul doesn't like, however, is not getting her way.

On Saturday, Paul, who had a 9:30 reservation at The Palm, a swanky restaurant in the Hamptons, showed up at 9:55 with four additional people. According to the police report, courtesy of the New York Post, when the maitre d' asked her to wait an extra moment for a larger table to be set up, Paul "became irate and ripped pages out of the reservation book and then removed her shoes and went outside and began breaking the landscape lighting with her shoes until family/party members stopped her and removed her from the property."

While Paul says she plans to "make restitution," perhaps she'd be well-served by spending some more time under her coffered ceiling with cream-colored accents.

It does "make her smile," after all.
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