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The Ever-Evolving World of Novelty Underwear

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Coming to you straight from, via, via, is this:

The Hairy Underwear Collection.

Who is Hairy Underwear for, you ask?

Wonder no more:

"Hairy Underwear is designed for people who wants to celebrate hairyness. These garments are also very handy if you have waxed off your hair and now having second thoughts."

There's a hairy wife-beater, for 35 euros:

Hairy leggings, also for 35 euros:

And, for only 25 euros, hairy panties (of which I will spare you the sight, but if you must, click here)

Really, if you think about it, Hairy Underwear is really no more than a logical extension of those "kraaaazy" Rasta hats Jimmy Buffett fans and the like put atop their innocent children's heads:

Actually, no it's not. It's different. Much different. A whole hell of a lot different.

Bonus mildly-related Gustave Flaubert quote:

"I love my work with a frenetic and perverse love, as an ascetic loves the hair shirt which scratches his belly."

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