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The Cheapest Way to Read the New York Times Online

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The New York Times has finally unveiled its digital subscription plan.

Beginning March 28th, visitors to the Times can read 20 articles a month for free. After that, you gots to pay. The Times is offering a few different packages. Here’s the breakdown. + Smartphone App = $15 every four weeks + Tablet App = $20 every four weeks
All Digital Access = $35 every four weeks

There is no option for paying only for But here’s the catch: if you subscribe to the home delivery of the paper, you automatically get free access to all digital offerings.

Which leads me to the point of this article. You see, I’m a cheap man. Petty, too. I’m cheap, and petty. Which means I want to find out the absolute cheapest way to enjoy my Paul Krugman, Mark Bittman, Gail Collins, and that young business writer guy who’s really, really successful and totally connected and goes by Andrew Ross Something-or-other.

So ladies and gentlemen I give you the cheapest way to get the Times.

Buy the home delivery of the Saturday and Sunday editions. NOT the Weekender, mind you. Just the Saturday and Sunday editions. That will run you about $12.60 a month. The cheapest digital plan, which includes and smartphone access, is $15 a month.

Here’s the caveat: the home delivery rate applies ONLY to those in the New York area. If you’re getting it delivered in San Francisco, it’s not gonna work. That’s why if you live outside the New York region, you MUST find a friend who does live here to accept the paper on your behalf.

Final note: the Times is also allowing any article that’s linked from a blog to NOT count against your allotted 20 free articles.

Which means this: I’ve already gone ahead and purchased from GoDaddy.  I will mock up a site that looks exactly like, and make all the content links to the actual Times. Next, we’ll slap some advertising on the site, and presto, we can all pop open some champagne and call it a career.

I’m accepting investors, and you can email me at

Happy reading.
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