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THE CAN MAN CAN! Behold the Beer Can, Its Beauty Faded in the Eyes of the Young

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Kids collect a lot of things these days: Transformers action figures, American Girl dolls, baseball cards. Then there's 10-year-old Randy Langenbach. He collects beer cans. As the beer can nears its 75th birthday in January, many hobbyists are crying in their brew over their inability to lure young people to a pastime that hooked many of them when they were youngsters in the 1970s. Cans worth the most -- $1,000 and up -- are hard-to-find brands from the 1930s and 1940s, in styles such as the "cone top," a bottle-like steel can with a short neck. Two years ago,, a seller of beer cans, sold a Royal Finest Lager Beer cone top, made by the Rainier Brewing Co. in the 1930s, for $37,501, says Dan Morean, the Web site's founder.