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The 20 Most Influential Blogs in Financial Media NOT Listed Among the New Influentials

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The UK Web site MindfulMoney recently released their study showing the importance of social media and how it is increasingly playing a major role in influencing investment decisions. The net result was a list of 20 blogs deemed by their research to be "The New Influentials."

The list was very good, but some have noted the absence of many other influential blogs. I had some discussions on Twitter last night, visited most of the 20 sites listed yesterday, and after reading some of the comments on the blogs and seeing what others felt were omissions decided it might be helpful to name names. Below is our far less scientific list of The 20 Most Influential Blogs in Financial Media Not Listed Among the New Influentials.

Relax, although the top five are somewhat weighted according to which were the most frequently mentioned in comments and Twitter, this is not in order of preference. There are certainly oversights, but that's what comments are for; feel free to leave your suggestions there.

1. Felix Salmon - Perhaps Salmon was not recognized in the study as a blog due to his Reuters affiliation? Not sure, but few would argue his work is not among the most influential in the finance/media space. He is also an active Twitterer at @FakeFelixSalmon. Kidding! Heh. C'mon, you know what his real Twitter handle is, he has, like, tens of thousands of followers. But seriously, @FakeFelixSalmon is pretty funny.

2. Brad DeLong - His blog strives to be "fair, balanced and reality-based," traits often missing among financial and economic discourse and dogma.

3. The Baseline Scenario - Excellent blog that seeks to be an explainer about key issues in the global economy. Contributors are Peter Boone, Simon Johnson and James Kwak

4. Greg Mankiw's Blog
- Blog of Harvard Professor Greg Mankiw. Straight-up economics issues covered.

5. James Altucher - Whenever I find myself becoming overly pessimistic, convinced the entire global financial system is going to collapse, and my wife becomes concerned about the fact I'm hording canned goods and ammunition, I read James Altucher's blog. He's an optimist, but not a blind one, and his analysis continually challenges the conventional bearish wisdom.

6. Marginal Revolution - Blog of a couple of economics professors, notably Tyler Cowen, who is the most frequent contributor. A recent post was on economics and Michel Foucault.

7. Business Insider, Clusterstock et al
- When I scroll the comments on a BI post, I immediately become aware that I am not alone in hate-reading the site. Sometimes it even seems as if the majority of readers are hate-reading the site! But you know what? It's also clear that Henry Blodget just doesn't give a damn about who is hate-reading just as long as they keep on clicking. It's like a constantly updating breaking news-SEO clinic. It works.

8. NYT Economix - I know some people are offended by the inclusion of mainstream media blogs, but they are frequently the best part of the MSM's content offering.

9. Bespoke Investment Group - Interesting topics and good ideas at least once a day from BIG's. They sell a subscription service, but there's enough worthwhile free content to put them on this list.

10. NetNet - Run by John Carney, formerly at Dealbreaker and Clusterstock, this site has ramped up quickly to become a must-read. Yes, it's technically a CNBC property, but realize that CNBC has two personalities; there's bad CNBC that has to chase down ratings and ad dollars, and there's good CNBC that does some decent after hours documentary programming and then creates sites like this.

11. Dealbreaker - Personally, I find myself drawn to the Bess Levin posts ridiculing Charlie Gasparino. I read them over and over again and hit the Topics cloud "Charlie Gasparino" tag daily. I have many of them bookmarked. But that's just me. Maybe you'd prefer the stabs at Goldman Sachs or at SAC.

12. Rortybomb - Mike Konczal, a self-proclaimed "former financial engineer," writes very interesting posts in the style he has dubbed, "extra-drowsy extra-geek” mode."

13. New Deal 2.0 - This blog was specifically created to provide analysis of the country's fiscal crisis.

14. Daily Options Report - Adam Warner is one of the few people in the world who can make reading about options not feel like reading about options.

15. Stone Street Advisors - Financial literacy and education. A handful of financial community contributors do a good job of keeping mainstream media writers on the defensive, delving deeper than most reporters into current finance and economics topics.

16. Points and Figures - Jeffrey Carter's relatively new blog about Economics, Trading, Finance and occasionally politics.

17. Wall St. Cheat Sheet - Daily insight and commentary by the Hoffman brothers.

18. Abnormal Returns - Founded by Tadas Viskanta, AR is "forecast free," a refreshing change from many blogs. Daily links and excellent aggregation.

19. The Reformed Broker - Josh Brown is both a comedian and a savvy market watcher who apparently now appears regularly on CNBC's Fast Money. Yes, he thinks I pulled a chart about farmland out of one of his recent blog posts without crediting him, but hey, I ain't mad at you Josh. It's a small world.

20. David Rosenberg - Right. This isn't technically a blog, but Rosenberg is frequently picked up, linked to and cited by many of the top 20, especially ZeroHedge and Mish. Blog or not, he's an influencer.

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