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Testy Steve Jobs Personally Drives at Least One Customer Away From Apple

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Chelsea Kate Isaacs, a journalism student at CW Post college on Long Island, was assigned by a professor to write an article about a new initiative at the school to buy each incoming freshman an Apple iPad.

According to Isaacs, she left six voice-mail messages with Apple's PR department and never got a response.

So, she threw a Hail Mary pass and emailed Steve Jobs directly.

Now, Jobs has a history of replying personally to emails and, some would say, even invites correspondence by making no secret of his email address (

Steve kept his streak alive, getting back to Isaacs after she asked why the company's Media Relations Department refused to respond.

The answer:

"Our goals do not include helping you get a good grade. Sorry."

Isaacs, already behaving like a hard-nosed journalist, took a firmer tone in her follow-up, arguing that she never thought Apple's goal should be to to help her "get a good grade" and asked, in so many words, if it isn't Jobs' responsibility to return customers' calls.


"Nope. We have over 300 million users and we can't respond to their requests unless they involve a problem of some kind. Sorry."

Isaacs kept at it. She wrote back again, pointing out that she is a customer, she did have a problem, and she was on deadline.

Deadline?!? Why didn't you say so in the first place, Chelsea? Here's what she got back from the King of Kupertino:

"Please leave us alone."

Oooookaaaaay, then, Steve. Something tells me Chelsea Isaacs will be leaving you alone next time she's in the market for a computer, as well. Though it'll be really, really, really hard to swap out her iPod for a Microsoft Zune. There's probably nothing you can say that's insulting enough for someone to make that switch...
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