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Ten Industries in Which the US is STILL No. 1

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WE'RE #1!
Yesterday, we looked at a feature by 24/7 Wall Street called “Ten Industries in Which the US Is No Longer No. 1.”

Interesting piece. But c’mon, haven’t we had enough America bashing lately? We’re not asking that you bury your head in the sand and pretend that everything’s hunky-dory, but we do ask for a shot at a rebuttal. It may not be easy, but we’re gonna do it.

And with that, we present Ten Industries in Which the US Is STILL No. 1.

Be proud, America.

#1 Porn

When it comes to the producing and selling of pure, unadulterated smut, no uncle makes more hot, raw, steamy pornography than good ol’ Uncle Sam. According to Family Safe Media, the US produces more pornography than Brazil, Holland, and even (don’t ask us how) the Czech Republic. Companies like Vivid Entertainment, Playboy, and Hustler are industry giants. And even companies like Time Warner and Comcast stand to profit from pay-per-view channels.

And let’s not even get started on porn websites. The United States is home to 244,661,900 porn sites. The runner up? Germany, with a measly 10,030,200.

#2 Arms Industry

If there’s one thing America knows how to do better than anyone, it’s how to blow s&!# up. In 2010, the US allocated $663.8 billion to our national defense. We’re also the world’s largest exporter of arms. Back in July, Reuters reported that US arms sales could hit $50 billion next year. That was before President Obama approved a record breaking $60 billion arms deal to sell aircraft to Saudi Arabia, a move that would help to create 75,000 jobs at places like “Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin and General Electric,” according to The Guardian.

#3 Porn Corn

The United States produces about 40% of the world’s total maize harvest, ahead of China, Brazil, and even France. France!

So you’re probably asking yourself, is there any way I could compete in some kind of corn growing contest? You can! Just head on over to the National Corn Growers Association, where you can sign up for this year’s Corn Yield Contest. You’ll have the chance to compete with your “colleagues to grow the most corn per acre, helping [to] feed and fuel the world.”

#4 Turkey

Turkey production is up over 100 percent since the 1970s. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the US produces more turkey than the EU, Brazil, Canada, and yes, even China.

#5 Nuclear Power

We may not pronounce it properly, but we know how to make it. According to the World Nuclear Association, the USA is by far the world’s largest producer of nuclear power. In 2009, we had 104 nuclear reactors producing 799 billion kWh. Overall, we produce 30% of worldwide nuclear power. 

#6 Kosher Wine

All right, I’m going to be honest here. This is getting pretty hard. The fact is, the US really doesn’t make much anymore. So we may need to get a little…uh…specific.

And with that: move over Israel! The United States is home to the largest producer of kosher wine on the planet: the one and only Royal Wine Corp. The company has been based in California for over 50 years and produces award-winning classics like Baron Herzog Cabernet Sauvignon and the famous Baron Rothschild Haut Medoc.

#7 Internet Viruses

When it comes to making malicious software code, no nation does it better than the US. According to the security firm Network Box, the US produces over 14 percent of computer viruses in the world, ahead of India, Korea, and the UK. And with the apparent success of the Stuxnet virus in destabilizing Iran’s nuclear program, we can only imagine virus production is going to through the roof in coming years.

#8 Prisoners

Okay, they’re not products…but we still make more of them than any other country. The US prison population is around 7.3 million. That’s 1 in every 31 adults who are behind bars. The total cost of the prison system is close to $70 billion annually (which we can totally pay for thanks to our new arms deal with the Saudis!)

#9 Escapist TV Dramas

Subjective? Maybe. But people, we need to take what we can get.

Last October, Telegraph entertainment writer Neil Midgley wrote a piece called “The Event: why the US is still number one for escapist TV drama.” Midgley talks about why the United States is so prolific when it comes to producing “high concept,” “big-money epic” television dramas, whereas the UK seems stuck producing shorter, less engrossing shows.

Is this a measurable statistic? Lord knows. But if someone says we’re number one…even at “escapist TV drama,” we’ll take it.

#10 US Currency

Okay, I’m seriously running out of ideas. But…uh…the US Dollar is undeniably one of the most important currencies in the world. And guess who makes the most of it? Yep. We do. By a long shot. In fact, the US of A is the world’s number one manufacturer of US currency. Yep. We print all of it. Ourselves.

To recap: No matter what anyone says, Americans are still a people who love to make things.  Important things.  Things that make the world go round. Like porn, guns, corn, turkey, nuclear power, kosher wine, Internet viruses, prisoners, escapist TV dramas, and dollar bills. Sounds about right.
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