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Technology Never Dies. Seriously, It Never, Ever Dies.

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Kevin Kelly, founding editor of Wired magazine, tells NPR's Robert Krulwich that "there is no species of technology that have ever gone globally extinct on this planet. I can't find any [invention, tool, technology] that has disappeared completely from Earth."

Sure, we live in an age of iPhones and laptops that one can buy from, well, an iPhone or a laptop. But does Kelly's statement really hold up?

Krulwich wonders the same thing.

Brass helmets? Detachable shirt collars? Chariot wheels?

"To my utter astonishment, I couldn't find a provable example of an technology that has disappeared completely," Krulwich writes.

Just hop on over to Amazon and you'll find plenty of carbon paper for sale:

Buggy whips are available all over the place, too:

11 bucks?!? You can barely afford not to buy one!

But one outdated product had me at a dead-end: ditto machines. I could not find one company that still manufactures ditto machines, no matter how hard I Googled--which, to be frank, felt sort of weird to type into a search engine to begin with.
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