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Technology Impairs Attention Span, Or Something

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Hey, here is yet another interesting study about how technology impairs my attention span that I haven’t quite finished yet.

A team of neuroscientists wanted to find out what happens to your brain after a sudden cessation from the “heavy use of digital devices and other technology.” Conveniently for the neuroscientists, that meant conducting their study on vacation, rafting down the “soft banks” of the San Juan river in Utah far from the reaches of cell phone towers and Wi-Fi signals.

Of particular concern to one of the scientists, David Strayer, is how stepping away from technology could impact levels of attention, which Strayer calls the “holy grail” of how the brain processes information.

“Echoing other researchers, Mr. Strayer says that understanding how attention works could help in the treatment of a host of maladies, like attention deficit disorder, schizophrenia and depression. And he says that on a day-to-day basis, too much digital stimulation can “take people who would be functioning O.K. and put them in a range where they’re not psychologically healthy.”

But not all the scientists were convinced that walking away from technology would improve attention.

Towards the end of page one, the article makes the dramatic assertion that…well, actually, I’m not really sure. Having reached the end of page one, I noticed there were four more pages to go, and yada yada yada here a link to a really weird looking creature I found on Wikipedia.
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