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Tech Company Hits 74 Home Runs With Microsoft Excel; Drug Test to Follow

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Oh, how quickly we forget. Doesn't anybody at Cambridge Semantics remember Barry Bonds? Or A-Rod? Or Sammy Sosa? Or Jose Canseco? Or Roger Clemens?

Cambridge Semantics, started by a team of former IBM (IBM) engineers, is rolling out its “Anzo” software suite, which adds extra power to Microsoft (MSFT) Excel. “The interface that the user is used to gets put on steroids,” says co-founder and chief technology officer Sean Martin.

We already know how this is gonna end. Bud Selig will notice how much faster and powerful Excel is all of a sudden, and then Excel will turn around and say Cambridge Semantics said it was just "supplements" and all of a sudden, Excel has to live with an asterisk next to its name forever.

It's one thing to break the rules. Has it now gotten to the point where the rules matter so little that people are openly talking about using steroids?

What a shameless world.
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