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Swastika-Sporting UFO Cult Wages Topless Protest

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You may scoff at their beliefs, you may wince at their branding, but you gotta admire their showmanship.

Staging protests in cities like San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Denver, Miami Beach and Seattle, women doffed their tops and bared their chests in honor of Go Topless Day -- a nationwide protest of state laws that prohibit ladies from going bare-chested in public. Though an honorable cause, as many would admit, one of the organizers is a UFO cult who believes humanity is descended from extraterrestrials.

Well, if you hadn't gotten our attention before...

Otherwise known as the guy who claimed he cloned a human being, cult leader Claude Vorilhan -- who goes by the name Raël -- led factions across America to illustrate the hypocrisy over gender physiology. It just so happens that they believe -- according to their website -- that "life on Earth was the result of scientific creation by an advanced, extraterrestrial human civilization, the Elohim, mistaken for gods in the Bible."

Oh, and the swastika emblems. Did we mention those?

Contrary to logical explanation, the Raëlians wish to reclaim the swastika and attribute its original peaceful connotation... by placing it inside the Star of David. It's become a calling card for a group fund-raising an embassy in Jerusalem dedicated for our alien ancestors.

It's an idea so crazy it just might work.

Still, the protests garnered attention -- to no surprise -- and although state laws may not allow women to go topless in the foreseeable future, at least we've learned that sometimes you just might agree with a loon who leads a UFO cult.
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