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Supplements Are Good For You - We Swear

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GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) seems okay with turning a blind eye to some employees going behind its back to sell a drug, I mean a supplement, that the pharmaceutical company couldn't get off the ground.

A couple of years ago the pharmaceutical giant bought a small company called Sirtris Pharmaceuticals in hopes of turning the lead compound into the ultimate blockbuster. Resveratrol, made from the chemicals in red wine, was hopes to treat cancer, type 2 diabetes, and have the anti-aging effects.

Unfortunately, the drug never made it through human testing and the program was dropped after some patients developed kidney issues. But who needs the drug regulatory process when you can just get around the opinion of the FDA by selling the drug as a supplement (which the FDA doesn’t oversee).

So former Sirtris employees, now Glaxo employees, are doing just that! You can now buy a year's supply of the drug, I mean supplement, for $540 – and there is nothing the FDA can do about it. Hmm – seems like a loophole the government oversight agency might want to address.
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