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Super Mario Sheet Music for Nerdy Pianists

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Joseph Karam is your everyday artist. Talented, spirited, and both unable and unwilling to let go of the past. In away, there's a Joseph Karam in all of us. Mostly nerds.

"A few months ago," Karam writes, "I too was looking for quality sheet music of the original Super Mario Bros from 1985, and after frantically searching the web for days and closely examining the Mario sheet music available on dozens of popular results, I came to the realization that there simply was no definitive score of Koji Kondo's masterpieces."

And thus was born -- the definitive source for your Super Mario Bros. sheet music for the piano.

Karam explains his tireless effort of transcribing every nuance to Kondo's work.

"Just like you perhaps, all I wanted was some authentic, high-fidelity Mario sheet music that was entirely faithful to the original Mario themes and sound effects, and which could be trusted to be 100% accurate so that I could feel confident I was learning how to play the real thing. It was apparently too much to ask, however, so I pulled out my professional engraving software and embarked on a meticulous and uncompromising transcription project that involved (i) transcribing every pitch and rhythm while listening to the original 8-bit NES recordings hundreds of times, voice by voice, note by note, in a loop, (ii) rigorously cross-checking my work with several of the best transcription attempts out there, (iii) arranging the visual layout and pagination for clear readability, and (iv) optimizing the piano fingering by learning the pieces myself and playing them every day for several months."

And without a shred of musical knowledge, I must say the work looks to have paid off. Everything is there, from the classic Underworld Theme:

To Mario's death:

And even to the infamous Power-Up Sound:

But if Karam values his health, I suggest he get started on the music to Mega Man immediately.
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