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Study Suggests Worst Day of Week Not Actually Monday

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Kramer: "What's today?"
Newman: "It's Thursday."
Kramer: "Really? Feels like Tuesday."
Newman: "Tuesday has no feel. Monday has a feel, Friday has a feel, Sunday has a feel..."

sort of got it right. According to a two-month study in England of the mood swings of 22,000 people (made possible by an iPhone app called Mappiness), Tuesday does, in fact, have a feel. Unfortunately, that feel is “unhappy.” Apparently, it’s Tuesday -- not Monday -- when people find themselves at their lowest point all week.

George MacKerron, lead researcher of the London School of Economic’s Department of Geography and Environment, provided a possible explanation: On Monday, there’s a lingering feeling (read: delusion) that it’s still the weekend. But by Tuesday, people are well into their work/school week and are acutely aware that the next weekend is far, far away.

The Mappiness project was launched in August by the London School of Economics “to establish a link between people’s feelings and their immediate environment, including pollution, noise, weather conditions and green space,” according to AHN.

Participants were asked to report their feelings several times a day along with who they were with, their locale, and their activities. The free application uses the iPhone’s global positioning system to transmit the respondent’s location, which also helped researchers determine not only days, but places where happiness dwindled as well. (Note to self: Cancel trip to London.)
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