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Stop Saying 'Mancession'! Unemployment Now Harder On Women

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Slate is reporting that "the Mancession is over" and that women are now feeling the brunt of the unemployment crisis.

We were given the "mancession" as a reality and a cheesy buzzword in 2009 when evidence started to mount showing that increased layoffs were affecting more men than women. Figures from the National Bureau of Economic Research showed that 70 percent of jobs lost during the recent recession were held by men.

But in recent months, the job market has shifted, and now it's women who are being left behind.

Journalist For the full year of 2010, the private sector added jobs every month, and for the past three months it averaged 128,000 per month. In 10 of these 12 months of gain, however, the growth in jobs for men outpaced the growth for women," she writes.

So why the change? Some probable explanations include:

  • U.S. manufacturing jobs are coming back, and men still dominate this field
  • Men made bigger gains than women in other male-dominated categories, including professional business services; trade, transportation, and utilities, and administrative and waste services.
  • Women make up the majority of state and local government employees, so when states hit a budget crisis and governments announce spending or hiring freezes, guess who suffers?
So now that it's safe to put the "He-cession" behind us, maybe we can go back to other always-relevant questions, like the one that appeared in a Time headline last spring: "Why Do Women Still Earn Less Than Men?" 
And that's just for starters.

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