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Starting Today, Every Pontiac in the World is a Used Car

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Yesterday was Pontiac's last day as a car brand.

As of today, every Pontiac left on a dealer's lot is considered used by GM. And the Pontiac website is bidding a sad goodbye to all those who still remember the GTOs they coveted as teenagers...and then, once again, as middle-aged men.

The first Pontiac was built 84 years ago. And, Pontiac was also responsible for perhaps the most important automotive trend in history--the muscle car.

The New York Times writes:

"Its biggest triumph was the GTO, developed by [John] DeLorean, the brand’s rebellious chief engineer, in violation of a G.M. policy dictating the maximum size of a car’s engine. The GTO was a hit, and the age of the muscle car had begun."

Yes, DeLorean was rebellious. And this is not the first time a car company associated with him has gone under.

And, yes--he was rebellious...and not just in the eyes of his superiors at Pontiac:

R.I.P. Pontiac. We'll miss you.
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