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Starbucks "Trenta" 16 Milliliters Larger Than a Human Stomach

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If bigger actually is better, then Starbucks has just bested all comers with its new 31-ounce "Trenta".

Debuting today in 14 states--and rolling out nationally by May 3--the Trenta is literally more coffee than a human being can handle:

Customers will be able to order iced coffee, iced tea, or lemonade in the Trenta size, but not a plain old hot coffee. Which is really best for everyone involved, as 31ounces of Starbucks joe would deliver almost 800 mg of caffeine straight to the brain--200-300 mg more than the Mayo Clinic recommends as a daily maximum, and the equivalent of four No-Doz tablets.

“As we look forward to Starbucks next chapter, we see a world in which we are a vital part of over 16,000 neighborhoods around the world, in more than 50 countries, forming connections with millions of customers every day in our stores,” CEO Howard Schultz wrote on his blog.

Incidentally, those "connections" the chain is forming can be mapped out scientifically:

Anxiety, restlessness, and uncontrollable urination will be included with each purchase.
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